Time in Sydney

the first day tiresome body left us sleeping like a log till dinner. The next day was in the city touring bus with its open top floor. Moving through the city streets and views of the closely packed houses, the far away harbour, the sky scrapers, the sydney Bridge and so we pass by admiring the sights.
It was a nice time and deciding upon what we wanted to do was pretty easy as there were few places on our top list to see.The Opera House was built in the year 1959 and completed in 1973. The master piece was designed by the Architect Jorn Utzun . The opera house was built with such precision even before any computed architectural technology came into existence.
It has the the tile work that does not absorb any moisture and thus does not need any maintenance for the roof. The interior Hall with the stage was outstanding..The concert hall was built to capacitate around 2400 people and the Pipes that were visible were only 100 and there were 1000s more hidden that were used to create the sounds.. wo just amazing works of Man..
But most of all , i would not forget the glimpses of expression of love that i saw in Sydney..
A man walking with a Single rose friday morning.. probably on his way to meet his love, his betterhalf. Makes me realize love is in this world, everywhere we see. Father taking care of his lovely cute lil girl while he struggles to tie a hair band for her, couples in the park showing their affection. Images in my memory are so vivid.
Well surely time flies and i am back in Christchurch to continue this journey of Life.I realize again that LIFE takes only one letter to LIVE.

Strength and Weakness

There's probably a day that one may feel fresher,as if theyre reborn again.There's a degree of rebirth momentum that I felt today.Im not keen to write what happen in my medical life or any specific moment that I wanna share with anyone, as I prefer to write an ambiguous story due to some certain circumstances.Here the atypical part of my life begins..

I was standing in front of bus stop ,approximately 3.5 mins before the bus came.And sudden surge of physiological awareness slipped through my mind as the bus approached the place where I was standing.I glimpsed to a lady next to me, and the smile on her face was symmetrical,which is mainly controlled by cranial nerve 7(a nerve that goes out of brain and control the muscles of face).(I mentioned symmetrical because there was a person that Ive seen today who had facial surgery,and showed asymmetrical smile,prob due to damage to the same nerve).That glimpse jumped to another one who was walking across the road,and as he walked,I glanced at his gait.Mid stance,toe off,heel strike(the phases of walk) changed intermittently as he walked.I was struggling to figure out which muscle exactly works for each phase,but the idea was faded away as I had a quick look at another man who was sitting across the road while holding a cup with his hand.I was briefly thought of intrinsic muscles of his hands(small muscles of hand)plus thumb opposition(thumb's ability to touch other fingertips,e.g when hold needle),which were innervated by median and ulnar nerves.Before I could grasp more chance to observe around,the bus came right at the moment.

To reframe,that of which 'not so closed' observation was an uneasy explanation of a complex machinery of human body.That we were given such a fine,yet sophisticated neurological(nerve related) system in body.And thats only a part of a number of other body systems which work all days,to let us do ,what we want and need to do.

For a small connection that is unrelated to above,most of us have lack of awareness of how important this is to our achievement.Have mankind not considered how they're created?That which is from a leechlike blood clot?Then,they turn out to be an arrogant,thinking that they are in control of themselves?

As a whole,somehow theres a small piece of awareness of so many things that i need to learn.And when they say knowledge is power,im not fully agree with that proverb.i think(not necessarily right)knowledge is a mean of humility.That one who acquires knowledge supposedly become more humble.Coz as they know more,theres a lot more to know.Those who are knowledgeable wont think of themselves as 'I know everything'.

"Those who feel content with the knowledge that they gain, are in delusion"(H.Y)

Better Days

There are so many things that had happened today.Of laughter and joy that we had,there were grief and failure came through the moments that we shared today.This combination of sweetness and bitterness is belong to The Master.He knows what is the best for all of us.What ever we wish or expect for in this life,He decides the outcome as He wills for his creation.What happen today reminds me of a picture...

A beautiful picture that I've seen before.I viewed this picture on this rainy,cold day.It was wet,freezing atmosphere,that most were preferred to stay at home.I was sitting on a couch,looking directly through a big,glass window ahead of me.I could see the vast sky and huge ocean clearly.The grey clouds were gathered together,where I could only see a few,small strands of blue sky behind these clouds.And the waves of the ocean have their own rhythm,that they synchronized with each other in a particular pattern.A spectrum colours of rainbow painted the sky at the other angle of this picture.Then,I said directly to myself,this whole picture has its own resemblance with the journey of life as I felt it connected with everyone's path..

And it has similar presentation with what had happened today.That the obstacles that we had is like the grey clouds,they will come and go in this life.That the sky is always blue,as it always does,no matter how big the grey clouds are to cover the sky,it has always remained in blue.That no matter how hard your trials are,the love,mercy and protection from Him has always been there.That when you are in hardship,dont overlook to the grey clouds,bear in mind that the blue sky is always behind them,that you always have Him to hold on to,in travelling this journey.Not only that,when we experience difficulties in some days,there must be delight that He bestowed upon us in those days,like the rainbow that accompanied the grey clouds in the rainy day.

Apart from the sky,the ocean itself has its own significant.The synchronized waves were somehow resembled 'the consistency'.This is seems like the consistency of our state, in facing our days through out lifetime.That no matter grey or white clouds they are,we have to be persistent in dealing with any good or bad situation that we may come across in the future.That when we have good days,all praises and glory are belong to Him.That when we have bad days,we call for His help and protection.

This picture says million things about what could happen in my life,your life,and everyone's life.If nowadays,most of us focus on differences that we have from each other,I would like to balance them with similarities that could bring us all together.No matter how different are our problems,the similarities are many to be considered.That we are not alone in going through this life.That we are given tests,which we can only bear.That we always have His mercy upon all of us.That a drop of poison that we may taste,there is probably a glass of honey which we may drink in this life.That we belong to the same Creator,so we shall return to Him at the end of the day as well.

The core point of this entry is only my initial reflection of today's lesson,and it is only for my development so that I can remind myself hopefully, that 'life is short,that it flashes before my eyes'


Your life goes on
Screaming and yelling
Laughing and giggling away
Watching sun rise and set every day
Passing as if the next morning will freshen your soul while
Deep silence thats in your heart - awakens every time you admire nature
Read a book -Silence that gives you peace
Somehow the same silence in everyday life
Is unbearable
Silence comes with you everywhere and every instant of time
It creeps out and wanders
Silent life - even in the wildest days is worse than dying.