Time in Sydney

the first day tiresome body left us sleeping like a log till dinner. The next day was in the city touring bus with its open top floor. Moving through the city streets and views of the closely packed houses, the far away harbour, the sky scrapers, the sydney Bridge and so we pass by admiring the sights.
It was a nice time and deciding upon what we wanted to do was pretty easy as there were few places on our top list to see.The Opera House was built in the year 1959 and completed in 1973. The master piece was designed by the Architect Jorn Utzun . The opera house was built with such precision even before any computed architectural technology came into existence.
It has the the tile work that does not absorb any moisture and thus does not need any maintenance for the roof. The interior Hall with the stage was outstanding..The concert hall was built to capacitate around 2400 people and the Pipes that were visible were only 100 and there were 1000s more hidden that were used to create the sounds.. wo just amazing works of Man..
But most of all , i would not forget the glimpses of expression of love that i saw in Sydney..
A man walking with a Single rose friday morning.. probably on his way to meet his love, his betterhalf. Makes me realize love is in this world, everywhere we see. Father taking care of his lovely cute lil girl while he struggles to tie a hair band for her, couples in the park showing their affection. Images in my memory are so vivid.
Well surely time flies and i am back in Christchurch to continue this journey of Life.I realize again that LIFE takes only one letter to LIVE.


unai said...

Prabhs,seems like ur journey was amazing!!u described the architecture of opera house as if u were an architect!!!hahahahha..oh well..sarans's wud probably do the same when u guys go travelling??I agree,Sydney is a vibrant place where people just show their way in expressing emotion!

Magdalene said...

People should read this.